At The Clement Firm, we are humbled and greatly rewarded by the kind feedback we receive from our clients.  Read below what our clients have to say about their experience with the lawyers at The Clement Firm. Contact us today to receive the same caring, zealous representation on your case.

I am a confident, educated female who has a terrific job and unbelievable family. I’ve always felt equally blessed and thankful for what I have, who I’ve become and the mountains of friends and family around me. Then came that day when my world turned upside down. In a few short minutes my world was rocked by a driver who’d fallen asleep while driving impaired in the middle of the day. When I came out of the hospital, I wasn’t just broken physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Nothing made sense to me and I wanted more than anything to be better and have my old life back. I honestly didn’t have confidence in anything – my health, my career, my family life, etc. I also didn’t think I had a leg to stand on in terms of help or assistance. Fate then brought me to Todd Clement and his terrific team. He took all the time I needed to explain what happened, how I’d been impacted and the ALL the various fears and concerns in between. He gave me great counsel and worked tirelessly to fight on my behalf. Yes, he won my case with phenomenal success, but most importantly he gave me my confidence back and has positioned me to take back my life. I owe him, Ragan and Wendy more than they will ever know.”
Debbie L.
You took my case when you did not have to do so. It was a tangled, uphill battle from the beginning. You knew this and took a chance on me. That is worth more than any verdict to me. I know that the attention you gave to me is not unique and somehow you manage to spread your time and emotions to cover many clients in similar (or worse) circumstances. Overworked and at the risk of being unpaid, you kept your passion about the belief that I deserved justice and the right to have a voice. Thank you for being my voice and saying it louder, more often and better that I could have done. Thank you for talking to me, not at me when discussing my case. Thank you for listening and investigating my every question. You are a superb attorney and a fine man – not an easy combination to achieve. Sometimes there aren’t strong enough words, but thank you; not for just doing your jobs but being exceptional at your jobs and really caring about the people whose lives you have to be a part of under such circumstances.
Teresa C.
I found myself in a situation that no one could ever imagine would happen to them and needed serious legal counsel. After seeking input from a seasoned individual who has been present in many criminal and wrongful death cases, I called Todd. Everything that was described to me about Todd and his style were spot on. He is adept at handling details and complicated testimony with ease. He will outwork the other sides with his penchant for details where they want the case to go away. His legal experience in conjunction with moral compass was exactly what I was looking for and delivered the result that I was expecting. After it was all said and done, having watched the other attorneys at work, it was clear that I made the right choice with Todd. His emotional support during a difficult environment has made him a friend for life. Thanks Todd!
Eric B.
I was referred to Todd at the lowest point of my life. I had been hit by a drunk driver, who maimed me and took the life of my dog (the only family I had for 600 miles). In addition, I was turned away by other attorneys, who could not see past the terrible incident and the grim outlook for my case. Todd took my case with enthusiasm during our first meeting; he also offered assistance finding the medical and mental health help that I desperately needed. My case turned out to be more optimistic than the other attorneys thought, and Todd resolved it with the best possible outcome without subjecting me to unnecessary emotional or physical strain. Todd is an excellent attorney who genuinely cares for his clients, and it likely that I would not be alive today if it wasn’t for Todd.
Vladimir P.
My experience with Todd and Ragan was absolutely wonderful. I was given all the needed information and questions answered in a very professional way. They worked very hard on my behalf for the very best outcome. I was very pleased with the speed and efficiency at which they worked. The purpose of contacting Todd and Ragan is the expertise they have in dealing with all types of scenarios and lessening the stress factor for yourself. If you find yourself in need of a reputable and dedicated firm I would highly recommend you give them a call and set up a consultation. A more than satisfied client.
Rosemary B.
My mother and niece were killed by a distracted driver using their cell phone. Todd Clement was recommended to our family to represent us in a civil lawsuit. Todd showed great concern and compassion for what our family was having to endure. He worked tirelessly trying to gain some justice for our loss. Todd was just as concerned that the company make policy changes to prevent another family from having to go through such an accident. I feel we could not have had a better lawyer nor a better man than Todd Clement. He will be our friend for the rest of our lives.
David W.
It’s never a great point in your life when you must seek legal counsel. I found that many attorneys based their counsel on the amount of income your case will bring in. I found it hard to feel comfortable with an attorney really listening to and responding to me and my needs. Then came Ragan Speer. She is the most professional, caring and extremely talented attorney I’ve ever dealt with. With Ragan, I feel that I have an attorney “in my family.” Ragan is my “only” recommended attorney!
Wanda T.
I think of you often and how much I appreciate you. You were so kind and thoughtful in working with me. Thank you for being the blessing you were to me and to all those you help; that need a caring person to go to bat for them. My love and appreciation.
Carolyn N.
Dealing with Ragan was the most awesome experience I have had with an attorney! Her personable manor and professionalism are a breath of fresh air and instilled my confidence in the firm from the beginning. Thanks for looking out for me and my family!
Jeff T.
Thank you so much for being there when I was in the hospital and after I got out of the hospital. I appreciate the time you spent working on my case for me. Thanks also for helping my parents through all of this. I hope you will keep in contact with me even after this is all over. I will always remember you always, thanks so much.
Kim R.
We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You exceeded our expectations. You didn’t make us feel like we were just clients but you made us feel like family. Thanks for putting up my frustrations and calls and emails as if I was your only client.
Terrance & LaDildra F.
Thank you so much for all you’ve done over this past year for Fred and I and our precious son, Teddy. I don’t know what we would’ve done without your advice and wisdom. As Teddy would’ve said “You Da Man”. Big Hugs from us to you.
Fred and Sam E.
I can’t tell you how much it means to us that you took our case. We have definitely seen God’s hand move through you. I pray that He will continue to bless you and be seen through your life.
Julie M.
Congratulations on your recent accomplishment as noted by D Magazine — very well deserved! We think of you often and are very grateful for all the work you did for us. The Lord blessed us tremendously by bringing you into our lives.
Michael and Lori G.
There is no way to truly thank you for all you’ve done for Read and me. I am so grateful for your help and feel so blessed to call you a friend. With thanks and a big hug,
Ann D.
We were not surprised to see you listed as the best of the best lawyers! The difference with you was always that you really care about your clients and you certainly helped us through the most difficult time of our lives.
Pat D.